Customer Testimonials

05/25/2017 - I purchased one of the earliest cliphangers at a trade show. Brilliant glad you have expanded on it with cases & pivots
05/24/2017 - I attached a Pivot to my GPS, then connected a phone hanger clip to my easy pass for a handy way to see my directions at eye level. works great.
James L - Leesburg, VA
05/22/2017 - Love my clip hangar. I need the replacement tabs as I had to remove my iPhone cover. Everyone wants to know how my phone is hanging on my belt loop.
Jeffrey W - Waco, TX
05/22/2017 - I LOVE my cliphanger! I get compliments all the time and people asking where to buy them.
Lora H - Apple Valley, MN
05/21/2017 - love Cliphanger
Lynne B - Boston MA
05/20/2017 - Love mine...have given MANY as gifts.
Lola G - Sherman, Il
05/17/2017 - Using my Cliphanger on my belt makes it easy to recommend to people when they think my phone is falling and they try to save it. I love this product and have used one since the first time I saw them years ago. Thank you.
Patti B - Granite Bay, CA
05/16/2017 - My phone is not complete without a cliphanger!
Shelley M - Millersburg, Ohio
05/15/2017 - Glad my parents introduced me to Cliphanger. I have been using them for several years. Easy to use and definitely handy! Thanks
April V - Raleigh, NC
05/15/2017 - we love your product
tane w - sandy
05/11/2017 - it is a great innovative and convenient method of carrying a cell phone
Allen L - Chula Vista CA
05/11/2017 - Macedon, NY
Anne P - Macedon, NY
05/10/2017 - Please put clip off sided, not over camera hole.
Barb W - Grantsville, UT
05/09/2017 - Love these handy devices. We now will have 2 for each car.
COLETTE W - Bradenton, FL
05/09/2017 - Great product Been using it for years
Nora G - Richmond, Texas
05/08/2017 - Love your product! Can't live without it.
Janet L - PIGEON, MI
05/08/2017 - This is at least my 5th purchase. Cliphangers are the best thing ever!
Kim R - Hendersonville, TN
05/07/2017 - Love Cliphanger! I have bought a number of these. As I upgrade to a new iPhone, I will always cover it with a Cliphanger case and Pivot + dome of my choice.
Cindy C - Katy, TX
05/03/2017 - Satisfied customers for years, since you started, recommend Cliphangers to everyone everywhere. Can't comfortably use the cellphones without our Cliphangers, and hooking a finger through while using has saved many cells from certain death!
Antonette R - Sacramento, CA
05/03/2017 - I bought my first cliphanger many many years ago at a trade show. A young girl came up to me and showed me how the cliphanger worked and I bought one. Her parents were with her. I think that was her first selling experience. Lucky for me.
William F - Olathe
05/02/2017 - I've been using a Cliphanger for over a decade and not only are they convenient, Cliphanger has saved me from dropping my phone dozens of times. So much better than just putting it in your pocket.
KP E - Savage, MN
05/01/2017 - I've been using Cliphangers for several years. I don't just use them for my cell phone, I use them for other electronic devices! This is one of the best inventions I've seen in years!
Valerie R - Mapleton Utah
04/28/2017 - I love Clip Hanger! I buy them several times a year to give to friends who compliment mine and ask me where I got it!!
Spring N - Southaven, MS
04/28/2017 - Love your product. It's worth the cost of shipping.
Carlynn R - San Antonio
04/25/2017 - i love you piit cliphanger i just love it i have on in each of my cases that i owned ok thanks and keep up the good work thanks a lot
Marlon H - Norwalk, CA
04/24/2017 - I've had a case cliphanger for about as long as I've had a smart phone. I LOVE the hanger, great on purse and belt loops, and I also like the case. I was sad when I first got my new phone that there wasn't a case for it then. Very happy to be getting one now
Rosemary L - Chelsea, MI
04/23/2017 - Love your product!
Liz C - Sandy, UT
04/23/2017 - Get stopped everyday by someone asking what's that and where did you get it. I am constantly replying "CLIPHANGER.COM, I've been hooked since 2007"
04/22/2017 - I absolutely love cliphooks - my friends always ask me about it. I do not carry a purse and I prefer to wear my phone attached to my front beltloops. I have it centered on my phone so it hangs wide not long as is usually pictured on your site. - if it hangs long it tries to bend when I sit..
Carol S - Montana
04/21/2017 - Bought Cliphangers on QVC years ago and have loved them ever since! Lisa P
lisa p - Sterling, VA
04/21/2017 - Minikue
Dominique D - Atlantic City, NJ
04/20/2017 - We love your products. We've used them for years.
Ardena W - Heiskell, TN
04/17/2017 - I have used cliphangers since there were cliphangers. It has saved me from missing calls, from setting my phone down and forgetting it, and from being damaged. I don't have to cram it in my pocket and sit on it. I won't do without one.
Dee M - Colleyville TX
04/15/2017 - Love your products! Wish you made a clip hanger that would work on my current case (Bentoben).
Duane S - Peachtree Corners, GA
04/15/2017 - I've used cliphanger for years and, with all the questions that I get when friends and colleagues ask, I must be one of your biggest sales associates. Commission?
Robert Nathan S - Reno, Nevada
04/15/2017 - I have had these on all our families phones. Love them.
Louise W - Park City, Utah
04/14/2017 - LOVE my cliphanger!!! The best invention ever! My phone is no longer lost in the bottom of my purse. Traveling with my phone on the car hook makes it easy to retrieve or follow directions on the GPS.
Susan I - Longview, TX
04/13/2017 - I've used a Cliphanger on my phone for several years now and absolutely love it.
Susan S - Jonesborough, TN
04/11/2017 - Been using ClipHanger for years, wouldn't be without it.
David D - Arlington, Tx
04/10/2017 - Bought my first cliphanger from a booth at a flea market in Canton Texas. Been in love with your products ever since. Use them for my iPhones and iPods on my pontoon boat, my travel trailer, in my home, and in my lake home. Thank you for the great products,
Michael H - Grand Prairie, Texas
04/10/2017 - Love the Cliphanger!!! Very useful for women who have no pockets in the clothes they wear!!!
Inara B - Mississauga, ON
04/09/2017 - For almost 20 years my family uses this fantastic product with all the various phones we've had over the years
Ama H - Chicago, IL
04/09/2017 - I look forward to the safe case and the useful hooks.
Gisela C - Laguna Woods, CA
04/09/2017 - I've used Cliphangers for over ten years and would never be without one. I encourage everyone I know to get several!
Diane L - Waxahachie, TX
04/09/2017 - Great tool. Been using for at least 10 years Love the pivot
Susan L - Cottonwood, AZ
04/08/2017 - Love Cliphanger! Use them on all my remote controls as well as my phone. Ive been using them for over 10 yrs.
Jeanne M - Groton, CT
04/08/2017 - I have been using Clip Hangers for many years. I love the way it clips to my jeans belt loop and comes off easily when needed, but will not fall off accidently. I have shown many people how it works and told them where they can get one. Every time I et a new phone, I make sure the case will accept a new Clip Hanger.
Michele S - Oklahoma
04/08/2017 - I have so many people ask me about my cliphanger. I have referred many. Mine is invaluable for my walks as i play pandora. Stays in place on my exercise pants.
Kelly B - Orange Park,Fl
04/04/2017 - Love, Love, Love Cliphanger!
Pamela C - Liberty, MO
04/02/2017 - I love it. Have had my case for about 4 yrs. It broke so getting a new one
Patricia W - Woodstock, VA
04/01/2017 - I really live this gadget, it has saved me on more than one occasion. I have clips in my work car, personal car, my motorcycle and my office.
Jennell G - Stanley NC
04/01/2017 - Have loved this product ever since we saw it at the State Fair of Texas years ago.
Edward F - Hickory Creek, TX
03/28/2017 - I love these!
Glenda H - Memphis, TN
03/28/2017 - Since my first cell phone, I have never been without a Cliphanger and an Auto hook. Makes my life much easier. Great Products, Great Service.
Sharon Lee C - Excelsior, MN
03/28/2017 - We have used Cliphangers for years. Serve as a handhold to keep from being dropped, to fasten in purse to easily find, or on belt. Prices have increased, sorry to see that.
Ramona F - Mill Creek, WA
03/28/2017 - Had one on my prior phone and loved it!
Judy K - Coppell, Texas
03/28/2017 - I wouldn't want to be without one.
03/27/2017 - Love your products. I have broken a couple of them when I twisted it off a hook but it was my fault not the product.
Trent V - Melrose, FL
03/27/2017 - I have been using Clip Hangers for years cant be without one, the best thing since sliced bread I tell everyone where to get one and the name many people think my phone is going to drop and I say its okay its a clip hanger and they ask where they could get one! I wear my phone all day, customers love that i am always available., even when washing my dogs.
Cheryl Y - Oceanside, CA
03/27/2017 - this is about my 20th purchase from Clip Hangers! I love them!!!!!
KIMBERLY A - Sugar Hill, GA
03/26/2017 - Return customer... mine finally broke after about 5 yrs. old style. Lost without it. Going to try new pivot style. Really great item.
Sharron L L - Fullerton, CA
03/23/2017 - Can't imagine being without this! have had one for every phone for 9 years! LOVE them
Paulette R - Stuttgart, Arkansas
03/19/2017 - I love it
Janet K - Flagstaff, Arizona
03/18/2017 - Love your product.
03/18/2017 - I have been using cliphangers for about ten years now on my keys and cell phone. I was introduced to them at a home and garden show in San Antonio. They are a life saver for me - no lost keys or phone!
Linda R - Salina, Kansas
03/18/2017 - Linda
Linda K J - Fort Bragg, CA
03/18/2017 - Best accessory for a flip phone. Been using one for years and am waiting to try my first pivot cliphanger
John M - Calgary Alberta
03/17/2017 - I have had several and find it necessary to have one. It's very useful.
Sann H - Utah
03/14/2017 - Each new phone and/or case, I use a Cliphanger. They don't give us women pockets!
Amy F - Harrisburg, PA
03/13/2017 - Love these cases! I just purchased a new phone and of course a new ClipHanger! I've been using these since the iPhone 4 and now have the 7 - LOVE. Everyone asks about them and I'm happy to share and recommend your product because I love it so much. Oh, and the service is SUPERB!
Michele N - CA
03/13/2017 - I have had a cliphanger probably since I have had a smart phone. Will NOT go without one.
Jennifer C - Ormond Beach, FL
03/12/2017 - Love my Cliphangers! Using on 4th phone! I keep several extras to give as gifts.
Wendy M - Post Falls, Idaho
03/08/2017 - This is probably my 5th cliphanger. I have a pivit right now but am getting a new phone. The metal reinforcement is awesome. It lasted through 2 phones and didn't break. Love It!
Mladenka S - Cleveland, OH
03/04/2017 - I use these on my phones, GPS, anything I don't want to lose. I have the autohook in the car and near the front door of the house.
Joy H - Matthews, NC
03/02/2017 - I first was introduced to the cliffhanger at the Big E in Massachusetts. I love my cliffhanger. I constantly get asked where I got it. I'm hooked. It is one of my best investment I ever made.
June C - Attleboro, Mass.
03/01/2017 - Im sure it's saved me from breaking my phone many times.
Jaclyne F - ca
03/01/2017 - Used for years - got a new phone and case. Really missed having my cliphanger. Had to purchase a new one
Denise W - Sandy, UT
02/28/2017 - I have been a customer of clip hanger for about 7 years, cannot live without one.
Allan A - Kernersville NC
02/27/2017 - People are always asking about my Cliphanger. I can't tell you how many people I have written down the website for!
Michele A - Lakewood, CO
02/27/2017 - My husband and I LOVE this product!!
Pam S - Muskogee, OK