Customer Testimonials

07/20/2017 - I have used cliphanger for over 10 years and whenever i get a new phone there is no question I will get a cliphanger case for it. No Doubt.
John Z - Cheshire, CT
07/16/2017 - Love love love my cliphanger!
Norissa T - Waukee, IA
07/15/2017 - Love the Clip hanger. Have used one for years and it really makes it so much easier to hang on to my phone. Got a new phone and I hope my clip hanger arrives super fast!
Carolyn S - Escondido, CA
07/14/2017 - Have been buying the Clip Hanger for three years and love it! Now I give it to my friends and family as gifts!
Ana S - Miami ,Florida
07/13/2017 - This is my third clip hanger purchase. I can't imagine having a phone without it.
Deborah L M - Patch Grove, WI
07/08/2017 - I have used cliphanger for several years and I love it. I wouldn't be without it!
Belle M - Paso Robles, CA
07/04/2017 - Can't be without my Cliphanger. I swap around cases and each case has it's own CH. Love the product.
Annie G - Phoenix, AZ
07/03/2017 - Best cell phone accessory I have ever found. I have never lost my cell phone since I use your cliphanger because I keep it hanging from my finger. I changed phones so now I am transferring it to my new phone
Dora M - Deerfield Beach, FL
07/01/2017 - been using a cliphanger for YEARS & it...people always asking about it & i always recommend & give website...thank you for special offer... will give away & gain 3 more happy customers who will also recommend i am sure! daughter will hang on her diaper bag!
Leila H - Mandeville, LA
06/30/2017 - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Cliphangers!!! Have been using them for 7 years now and will NOT buy any other!
Angela B - Grain Valley, MO
06/28/2017 - Cliphangers are awesome! My phones have been way too big to fit in my pocket and I hate having to dig for them in my purse. I have had a cliphanger on my phone for years and will never be without one!!
Jennifer W - Chandler
06/26/2017 - I love Cliphanger. I changed my phone and case and had already removed it twice so I need new sticker pads plus I'm buying an extra one to have on hand just in case I need it. Thank you for a great invention. I'm a senior and feel very secure that I always have my phone on me. Again, thank you. πŸ'ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
Ann P - La Puente, CA
06/24/2017 - I've used clip hangers for many years now. They are by far the strongest fastest, most reliable way to always have your phone securely have instant access to your cell phone.
Marie M - Ronkonkoma, New York
06/24/2017 - Great way to carry your phone securely when your hands are full...just slip clip hanger over 1 finger. I particularly like the ability to hang it on my dashboard without having a big ugly clamp in place on dash or phone. The small stick-on hook is innocuous and works for quick and easy removal of my phone.
Karen K - Santa Barbara, CA
06/24/2017 - Good Stuff!!
Joseph D - Lobelville, TN
06/19/2017 - My friends have noticed my Clip It and now they all want one. Great product!
Elizabeth P - Seattle, WA
06/19/2017 - Love love love cliphangers!!!!! I've had one on every phone I've had! Can't hardly use my phone without itπŸ˜ƒ
Sue D - Foster, ok
06/18/2017 - This is the 3rd one i have purchased. Every time I get a new phone I get a new cliphanger. Would be without it!
Cindy C - Mountain View CA
06/18/2017 - I've been using Cliphangers for years and love them! Very durable! Cannot image ever using anything else. Really great when I don't have pockets.
Martha F - San Antonio, TX
06/17/2017 - My husband and I have used Cliphanger for 10 plus years. We have always been happy with the product and the customer service.
Susan F - Lititz, PA
06/15/2017 - This is the third Cliphanger I have purchased, not including the half dozen I bought as presents for friends and family. I have never had a problem with any of them, and my phone feels incomplete without one!
Harrison S - Austin, TX
06/13/2017 - I've been using Cliphanger for a very long time. they are durable and last forever. The only reason I need to order new ones is so that I can color coordinate with my new cases. I wear a lanyard with my work ID on it and I just clip my phone and have it with me the whole day.
Carolyn G - CJ, Centreville, VA
06/12/2017 - Cliphanger has saved me from dropping my so many times. Now with the 7 Plus, I hang it off my belt loop instead on putting it in my pocket and sitting on it.
KP E - Madison, SD
06/12/2017 - Love the ease and versatility of the cliphanger.
Shannon L - Hooper, UT
06/10/2017 - Love these things. Got my sister one too ... she has trouble getting around and is so much easier for her. Thanks!
Joanna G - Hobbs, NM
06/05/2017 - Please provide instructions to leave the parcel at my front door - thank you
Geraldine M - Mosman, NSW
05/31/2017 - Love my cliphanger, a customer for over 10 years. Everyone always ask where they can get one.
Tina M - Chula Vista, CA
05/28/2017 - Thanks for the YEARS of clip-hanger security. I don't worry if it is in my pocket or my hand. The loop makes a great handle in hands that do not always work due to age. I would not be without mine.
Mary W - Vancouver, WA
05/25/2017 - I purchased one of the earliest cliphangers at a trade show. Brilliant glad you have expanded on it with cases & pivots
05/24/2017 - I attached a Pivot to my GPS, then connected a phone hanger clip to my easy pass for a handy way to see my directions at eye level. works great.
James L - Leesburg, VA
05/22/2017 - Love my clip hangar. I need the replacement tabs as I had to remove my iPhone cover. Everyone wants to know how my phone is hanging on my belt loop.
Jeffrey W - Waco, TX
05/22/2017 - I LOVE my cliphanger! I get compliments all the time and people asking where to buy them.
Lora H - Apple Valley, MN
05/21/2017 - love Cliphanger
Lynne B - Boston MA
05/20/2017 - Love mine...have given MANY as gifts.
Lola G - Sherman, Il
05/17/2017 - Using my Cliphanger on my belt makes it easy to recommend to people when they think my phone is falling and they try to save it. I love this product and have used one since the first time I saw them years ago. Thank you.
Patti B - Granite Bay, CA
05/16/2017 - My phone is not complete without a cliphanger!
Shelley M - Millersburg, Ohio
05/15/2017 - Glad my parents introduced me to Cliphanger. I have been using them for several years. Easy to use and definitely handy! Thanks
April V - Raleigh, NC
05/15/2017 - we love your product
tane w - sandy
05/11/2017 - it is a great innovative and convenient method of carrying a cell phone
Allen L - Chula Vista CA
05/11/2017 - Macedon, NY
Anne P - Macedon, NY
05/10/2017 - Please put clip off sided, not over camera hole.
Barb W - Grantsville, UT
05/09/2017 - Love these handy devices. We now will have 2 for each car.
COLETTE W - Bradenton, FL
05/09/2017 - Great product Been using it for years
Nora G - Richmond, Texas
05/08/2017 - Love your product! Can't live without it.
Janet L - PIGEON, MI
05/08/2017 - This is at least my 5th purchase. Cliphangers are the best thing ever!
Kim R - Hendersonville, TN
05/07/2017 - Love Cliphanger! I have bought a number of these. As I upgrade to a new iPhone, I will always cover it with a Cliphanger case and Pivot + dome of my choice.
Cindy C - Katy, TX
05/03/2017 - Satisfied customers for years, since you started, recommend Cliphangers to everyone everywhere. Can't comfortably use the cellphones without our Cliphangers, and hooking a finger through while using has saved many cells from certain death!
Antonette R - Sacramento, CA
05/03/2017 - I bought my first cliphanger many many years ago at a trade show. A young girl came up to me and showed me how the cliphanger worked and I bought one. Her parents were with her. I think that was her first selling experience. Lucky for me.
William F - Olathe
05/02/2017 - I've been using a Cliphanger for over a decade and not only are they convenient, Cliphanger has saved me from dropping my phone dozens of times. So much better than just putting it in your pocket.
KP E - Savage, MN
05/01/2017 - I've been using Cliphangers for several years. I don't just use them for my cell phone, I use them for other electronic devices! This is one of the best inventions I've seen in years!
Valerie R - Mapleton Utah
04/28/2017 - I love Clip Hanger! I buy them several times a year to give to friends who compliment mine and ask me where I got it!!
Spring N - Southaven, MS
04/28/2017 - Love your product. It's worth the cost of shipping.
Carlynn R - San Antonio
04/25/2017 - i love you piit cliphanger i just love it i have on in each of my cases that i owned ok thanks and keep up the good work thanks a lot
Marlon H - Norwalk, CA
04/24/2017 - I've had a case cliphanger for about as long as I've had a smart phone. I LOVE the hanger, great on purse and belt loops, and I also like the case. I was sad when I first got my new phone that there wasn't a case for it then. Very happy to be getting one now
Rosemary L - Chelsea, MI
04/23/2017 - Love your product!
Liz C - Sandy, UT
04/23/2017 - Get stopped everyday by someone asking what's that and where did you get it. I am constantly replying "CLIPHANGER.COM, I've been hooked since 2007"
04/22/2017 - I absolutely love cliphooks - my friends always ask me about it. I do not carry a purse and I prefer to wear my phone attached to my front beltloops. I have it centered on my phone so it hangs wide not long as is usually pictured on your site. - if it hangs long it tries to bend when I sit..
Carol S - Montana