Customer Testimonials

10/13/2017 - ALWAYS immediately buy my Cliphanger the day I received phone. Great protection from the case AND I love the clip!!
Rick S - Vail, CO
10/06/2017 - Having to buy a new phone and not being able to remove the Clip hanger, I am ordering another because I cannot imagine holding my phone without the aid a Clip Hanger gives me. I have been using Clip Hangers and buying them for friends from the first day I stopped at a mall kiosk in Arizona when the Clip Hangers first came on the market. My forever friend.
Bette G P - Portland, Oregon
10/04/2017 - I continue to be delighted with my ClipHanger.
David D - Arlington, TX
10/02/2017 - I have been using the ClipHanger for years. Love it! The only time I've lost my phone is when I did not have a belt loop to attach it to, and I failed to clip it into my purse. My bad. Thankfully an honest person found my phone and answered it when I called it!
MARY T - Omaha, NE
09/26/2017 - Great product-my phone is always clipped to my belt loop securely. Rubberized case has protected my phone when dropped.
Armando M - Lincoln, CA
09/26/2017 - I have been a faithful user since the 2008. I have used the hangers on my own cases (stick light & the pivot) and I've used the complete cases (both the 2 piece snap together & the single sided). I will never another product. The durability is unmatched. The one time I had a break it was replaced immediately. I've had my devices (I add the hangers to everything from my tablet to the kids Gameboy) excessively dropped & even had my phone with complete cliphanger case run over by a Tahoe & there w
Michelle D - Thorndale TX
09/25/2017 - Couldn't be without my cliphanger on my phone.
Joan M - Livingston, TX
09/25/2017 - Found you in 2007,and every time I get a new phone I order from you. The BEST product for protecting, carrying & mounting my cell phone.
MERRYL S - West bloomfield,Mi
09/22/2017 - I have used this cover on all but the first IPhone. Once I discovered the Clip Hanger, I have bought a new one with every phone. I have more people ask me about this case and where to get it. Even before the covers I bought just the clip. If I had to carry my phone, and not hook it on to a belt loop, My phone would constantly be damaged. Thanks the best case I could have!!
Cliff T - Plano, TX
Henry N - McDONALD
09/20/2017 - I've been using your products for years! New phone : time for a new Cliphanger!! i refer many, many people to your products and site as well ... safest way to carry EXPENSIVE devices. Thanks for making a great product!
renee r - Astoria, OR
09/16/2017 - My Cliphanger saved me from a terrible situation!! I was working in my back yard & had my Cliphanger attached to my belt loop. If I didn't have a Cliphanger, my phone would have been up on the deck. I stepped in a hole, fell & broke BOTH LEGS 😫😵😖. I could not move, crawl or scoot. My husband was not home. If I had not had the Cliphanger, I would have laid in the yard until he came home 5-6 hours later, in the hot sun, in horrible pain, because there was no way I could get to my phone.
Lisa M - Nixa, Missouri
09/15/2017 - New phone means new Cliphanger. Been using them for years and it's the only way to go!
Kevin E - Brea, CA
09/13/2017 - Never drop my phone with a Cliphanger
Pearl I - Cameron Park, CA
09/13/2017 - I have gratefully used cliphanger for 4 years. It is still in perfect condition. I have a semi-didabled left hand and this little wonder is just what I need. Carrying lots of plastic grocery bags? Slip your phone over your little finger and you can have your hands full AND your phone handy. The individuality of the dome pic causes people to compliment the attachment and want to get one . Too. In the past I have purchased them as stocking stuffers.
Bonnie D - Salt Lake City, UT
09/12/2017 - don't now about webb site, but the product I've used for 15 or 20 years, buying my first one a ta fair.
Dennis S - puyallup, Wa.
09/12/2017 - Bought my 1st cliphanger at a RV show loved it, now I have a new phone and need a new one
Holley Y - Concord, CA
09/07/2017 - I would never own an iPhone without adding a Cliphanger to it. It makes it so easy to pull out of a pocket or purse and the cliphanger case is the absolute best! I have dropped my phone several times and there isn't even a scratch on the phone or the case!
Diane N - Northbrook, IL
09/05/2017 - Excellent product, have used for 5 years plus.
Dave S - Somerset, Wisconsin
09/03/2017 - Love these ! Been using them since I first saw them at a show.
Sharon C - SAN Bruno, CA
08/28/2017 - I love my Cliphanger. It makes my life so much simpler because it is so easy to carry my cell phone no matter what I am doing. I also use it on other devices like my MP3 Player. I don't know what I did before I found this little aid. The first thing I do when I get a new device is put a Cliphanger on it.
Sharon R - Krum, TX
08/26/2017 - Best product to hang your cell in the car. I cannot believe how many different products have failed me. Butnot Cliphanger. For several years Ihave been very happy with it. All colors, all types of symbols. Just great
Rhea L - Palm Springs, California
08/23/2017 - Love my cliphanger, and give many referrals, but VERY disappointed that you still offer a racist Confederate flag dome. Srsly? I won't be back next time if that's still there, and no one else should either.
John R - Fort Bragg, not the Confederate one, CA
08/21/2017 - I literally cannot live without my clip hanger. Ever since I found out about them at our State Fair I have used them for every phone I've owned and even told everyone I know about them. If one gets broken I can hardly wait to get my next one. Such a great invention!!
Debbie G - New Hope, MN
08/15/2017 - Just ordered a new Samsung 8, have to have a new cliphanger case with pivot. First cliphanger bought at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2004. Haven't been without one since.
Michelle O - Payson, Arizona
08/13/2017 - have used these for years. only one ever broke and it was replaced promptly. great hooks...even greater customer service
Margie C - kerrville, tx
08/12/2017 - Love my clip hanger. Have been without for a week and don't ever want to do that again,
Diane L - St. Paul mn
08/11/2017 - I first found the Clip hanger at the Orange County Swapmeet in Costa Mesa Ca. I bought a bunch and after I wore those out I started ordering on line . I love this product and can't do without it. I'm even willing to pay extra shipping to get it quickly ( I wasn't watching and I ran out) De
Didem E - Irvine California
08/10/2017 - Love my Cliphanger.....We do alot of walking and it makes it so much easier to carry my phone with us.
Linda D - Green Valley, AZ
08/10/2017 - Great to be able to hang the phone with the autohook when using the gps without having to jank it off a large car mount when needed.
Michael W - Federal Way, Wa.
08/09/2017 - love love love your product !
tane w - sandy utah
08/09/2017 - love these things; get asked about them all of the time.
Jami D - Waller, Texas
08/04/2017 - I love, love, love the clip hanger!!! Linda M.
08/02/2017 - I've used Cliphanger for years - through 4 phones. I have always been pleased with the selection of products and the convenience they provide.
08/02/2017 - Pivit Pro is a Great Product - Rene'
Rene' N - Toms River, NJ
07/29/2017 - Been using Clip hanger for years, it is very easy to use & practical. Phone cases are also competitively priced, a great value & also includes the cliphanger! Very good customer service.
Robert G - Urbandale, IA
07/26/2017 - Repeat customer several times/years - love the products and the company.
John B - Soldotna, Alaska
07/20/2017 - I have used cliphanger for over 10 years and whenever i get a new phone there is no question I will get a cliphanger case for it. No Doubt.
John Z - Cheshire, CT